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After featuring a host of yellow and gray options, I thought it only fair to feature a big selection of yellow and blue inspirations.

Check’em out! (each pic in linked to the URL it came from, so feel free to click)


It’s the little things that make a wedding truly stand out memorable – including the cake topper. My mom and I will be making nearly all of the decorations for the ceremony (which we won’t need much, thanks to our location) and the reception (including me doing the floral arrangements).

One thing we won’t be making is the cake topper, because Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object does a kick ass job of that already. There’s no need to be ordering our cake topper yet, but this is one of the many small decisions that we’ve already settled on. 🙂

[Images courtesy of The Small Object]

As mentioned, before we visited The Webb Barn, we had lunch at and toured a different location.

Nestled in historical Elizabeth Park (featuring the oldest municipally operated rose garden in the country) in West Hartford, Connecticut, we visited the Pond House Cafe.

Our lunch was great, chosen from a menu that changes seasonal (that’s very eco of them!), and the Event Coordinator we met with was very friendly and seemed genuinely interested in our event.

After lunch, we visited the Garden Room where they hold their special events. It is huge! The biggest draw is the two large walls of windows that give you a view of a small pond and lots of park greenery.

There are numerous options for choosing a menu for our guests, which also includes our wedding cake (big bonus!), designed by Cakes by Donna. They don’t provide liquor, but they often use a great company called Two Pour Guys (who we will likely go with).

Of course, no location is perfect. The date we had previously chosen (Saturday, May 15th) is already booked, but they have all other Saturdays in May 2010 open. We weren’t overtly attached to the date,  so that’s not that big of a deal. Also, the roses in Elizabeth Park (where we will be holding the ceremony) don’t bloom until June, so if we can nab the last Saturday in May, we’ll be able to get some great pictures and ambiance in the park.

Also, Elizabeth Park wedding ceremony locations are available on a first come-first serve basis and you can only book 30 days in advance. Thankfully, there are 5 different locations to choose from, so we shouldn’t be shut out completely. We’ll also make sure to nab a location exactly 30 days before our wedding so we have the pick of the litter. In case of rain, we can have the ceremony inside the Pond House Cafe, so that concern is covered too.

My fiance and I slept on it last night, and we are still very happy with the idea of having our wedding in Elizabeth Park and at the Pond House Cafe. I’ll be calling the Event Coordinator we met with, Jill, today after 9am and let her know we want to go for it! Hopefully, the DJ we already chose will have our new date open. :O

[Image courtesy of the Pond House Cafe]

Taken by our then-San Francisco-neighbor, Lisa Sze, the session started out as a fun lifestyle photo shoot. We ended up getting a number of fantastic pictures together, so Lisa was nice enough to let us use them as our engagement portraits.

We were pretty up in the air about whether or not to bother doing an engagement photo shoot at all. In the end, it is fun to see these pictures now and I can bet the feeling will be the same in 10 years.








Yes – finally! Two weeks after posting my visually long entry about choosing colors for our wedding, I took the time to show all the inspiration boards to my fiance.

Personally, I’m not too surprised by the one that he chose, and thankfully, I love it too. 😀

So, without furthur ado, here are the final colors for our wedding:

[Board #312 from Snippet & Ink – “Spring Comes Early”]

BLUE AND YELLOW! (a.k.a. the same colors of the elementary school we attended together – though, if you want to be picky, those specific colors were gold and navy blue)

Green will still be a major color in our wedding simply because the ceremony will be held outside. Also, if we get our first choice location, it will be on a farm, so yeah … lots of green. Also, there will be lots of natural, exposed wood, which looks great with French blue and yellow. 🙂

The past few days, I’ve spent hours browsing through all the great wedding websites I have listed in the Blogroll and Links section on the right sidebar. Of all the sites, Snippet & Ink has inspired me the most.

As previously mentioned, my fiance and I have decided on a green and blue color scheme for our wedding. While I’m not doubting that decision, I still feel like it is … incomplete. Also still “up in the air” is the overall theme of the wedding, which I have had a few thoughts about.

Possible Themes

  • Elementary school (we first met in 5th grade in Indiana)
  • Blooming countryside (we both love the beauty of rural areas and plan on having a small farm)
  • Home renovation/decorating (we plan to buy our first house a few months after our wedding)

Those are just the concepts that are on my mind right now – I’m sure there will be more in the future. To help spur my creativity, I gathered a few keywords and important points to refer back to.

Keywords: fresh, casual, spunky, retro-modern (mix of 1920s-1950 & current day; we both are a strange combination of “traditional” values/manners and present-day liberalism)

Avoid: red, pink (per my fiance’s request)

Maybe: yellow, peach (to add more zing and slight femininity to the green and blue scheme)

If you’ve never visited the great blog of Snippet & Ink, 0ne of their main features is author Kathryn’s kick ass inspiration boards. With EXTREME AMOUNT of thanks to her, below are my 7 favorite boards she created, as well as 1 that I definitely want to avoid. I’m a very visual person, so all these pictures really help me get a mental vision of what the wedding could be like.

Board #143 – LOVE!

Board #74 – LOVE!

(Blue and yellow also happen to be the colors of the elementary school we went to together in Indiana)

Board #213 – LOVE!

Board #244 – LOVE!

Board #312 – LOVE!

(another take on the blue and yellow color combo)

Board #298 – LOVE!

(these are the same colors used in the Martha Stewart concept that inspired out green and blue scheme; maybe just blue and green isn’t that bad …?)

Board #146 – NO! AVOID!

(this is NOT the blue and green-type look we are going for!)

Note: I haven’t shown any of these pictures/ideas to my fiance yet. Once I do (sometime this week), I’ll let you know what complete color scheme we fancy the most. 🙂 THANK YOU AGAIN, SNIPPET & INK!

I’ve delved into the world of wedding planning quite smoothly this week, though it still feels a bit alien. So far, my fiance (Logan) and I have made a few decisions about our wedding.

I’m taken aback by how quickly things have come together so far, though I know there is still a lot more to decide on. Here are the few things that we have settled on so far:

Goals: Seasonal, organic, local, indie/crafty
Date/Time: Saturday, May 15th, 2010; starting at 11:30 am
Attire: Wedding casual
Colors: Blue & Green
Vows: Non-denominational
Food: Italian buffet and cupcake tower with top-layer traditional cake for cutting ceremony

Speaking of colors, I was introduced to a very cool flickr tool this morning, thanks to a post over at BridalBuds. All you do is pick one (or more) colors, and the tool find popular pictures from with your selections. Delighted with the visuals it found for our color scheme, I wanted to share them with you:

My boyfriend and I are often described as opposites. We do share the same ideas and values in a lot of important ways, but many of our personality traits are like Yin and Yang. Using blue and green as the backdrop for our wedding (as well as holding the ceremony outside), is a perfect example of nature‘s true Yin and Yang – the sky and the ground; freedom and stability; dreams and destiny.

At least … that’s how I see it. 😉