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There are a million and 1 ways to save money, especially on weddings – all you have to do is take the time to look for them.

Addressing invitations can quickly take a sizable chunk out of your budget, but it doesn’t have to. I thought about printing folks addresses on clear labels and then applying them to the envelopes … a good idea, but not very classy.

Short of learning calligraphy, I was at a loss on what to do, but then I found Jenn’s Calligraphy 101 post and was saved!

We are still working on our invitation designs, but once we are ready to send them out, I plan on using Jenn’s nifty calligraphy trick to save money yet maintain a considerable amount of style.

[Image courtesy of With This Ring …]

After featuring a host of yellow and gray options, I thought it only fair to feature a big selection of yellow and blue inspirations.

Check’em out! (each pic in linked to the URL it came from, so feel free to click)

I’m still toying with the idea of wearing a non-white dress, but I keep coming back to the “traditional” concept. I’ve already decided that I won’t wear white – if I do go with a light color, it will be ivory (looks better with my skin tone anyway).

Because of my height (and for comfort ), I’ll be wearing flats. I’m 2 inches taller than my fiance and I have no want or need to tower over him even more! Maybe it is a chick thing, but I’ve had lots of fun browsing around the web for swank, colorful flats to wear with my likely-ivory dress.

If you have any suggestions for great shoe brands or websites, leave a comment and let me know!