Planning an Eco-Indie Wedding

Real Weddings: Lisa Bartlett and Brett Mitchell

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Held right here in Connecticut, below are a few of my favorite elements from the wedding of Lisa Bartlett and Brett Mitchell, as featured on

At their lake-side ceremony, Brett’s parents escorted him down the aisle to a wrought-iron trellis where Lisa and her father met him soon after. “We scouted the land to find the best view,” says the bride of the trellis’s location on a grassy field overlooking the lake and forest.

Ceremony programs, crafted by Lisa with help from her sister, were made of brown recycled paper and ivory ribbon. By adorning their ceremony programs, cocktail napkins and wedding cake with a simple “M” (for Mitchell), the bride and groom tied together the elements without going overboard.

Pink cookie favors had a special message attached, letting guests know that a donation was made in each of their names to the American Cancer Society, an organization that’s meaningful to the couple.

[Images courtesy of Wright]

This image is from a different wedding on, but I love the sign that the bride & groom made to describe/explain their non-assigned seating plan (which I want to do; Lisa and Brett also did this, but there was no good photo example).

[Image courtesy of Conroy Klosek]


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