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Alternative Color Combo – Yellow and Gray

Posted on: January 28, 2009

Don’t get me wrong – I love the blue and yellow color combination that my fiance and I have picked out for our wedding. While researching yellow options, I quickly found a lot of yellow and gray/slate combos and became enchanted the more I saw them.

Though we have no plans to change our wedding colors, we just might choose to integrate some gray into our designs. Think about it: my fiance and I are often seen as a yin-yang symbol, balancing each other out. What better way to express that they with a gray shade that combines both the black and white sides of the yin-yang symbol?

On another note, combining yellow and gray is a wonderful balance of vibrant and mellow; warm and modern; creative and centered;  exciting and enlightened.

Here is a menagerie of all the yellow and gray ideas I’ve found on the web so far – how could you not be inspired!?

Handwoven Cashmere Silk Scarf Pashmina
– want want want! Would be the perfect accessory for my wedding ensemble! (Yes, it is a Spring wedding, but I’ll be in a strapless dress and you know how windy it can be …)

Snippet & Ink’s Inspiration Board #293 – speaks for itself 🙂 ❤

Martha Stewart’s Perfect Palettes: Marigold and Pewter – this yellow is more “golden” that we’re going for, but still a nifty selection of ideas.

Old Gold and Silver Handspun Cashmere/Baby Camel Yarn – downright gorgeous; not sure what I would knit, but I’m sure that would be easily solved.

Set of 5 Peonie Thank You Cards – love the design and faded inks.

Grey Leather Bag with Ruffles and Removable Straps – a shining example of how yellow & gray combine the feelings of cozy and modern.

White, Yellow, and Grey Fern Pillow – an eco-friendly reminder that would remind us of our wedding day for many years to come.

Rain Clouds: Cloud number 17 – too cute for words! Since it is a rain cloud, it might be a bit too gloomy for wedding decorations, but adorable all the same.

Betsy White’s Lemon, Slate and Mint Color Pallete – more proof that our choice of yellow is going to go great with our list of possible wedding locations (all of which are rustic, more details and pictures coming soon!).


4 Responses to "Alternative Color Combo – Yellow and Gray"

love the yellow and gray palette–esp the shoes and the groom’s flowers. The pop of color is soo sophisticated. Here’s a dress in this color palatte that I wore as a member of the wedding party with a similar color scheme.

This is the sceme I am leaning towards (although there is a lack of matching plates.) =)

I guess I should start planning something, huh? hahaha

Great dress, Situ! (and it is on sale right now, haha) We are very close to choosing a venue and the yellow and gray would go great with our top space.

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