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DIY: Download Martha’s Favorite Wedding Templates

Posted on: January 23, 2009

Call me corny, but Martha Stewart and her fantastic staff never cease to amaze me. For both personal creativity and money-saving prowess, my mother and I will be making a lot of elements for the wedding ourselves, including: programs, flower arrangements, table decorations, and more.

I was overjoyed when I found a complete round-up of Martha’s DIY wedding templates! With 29 swank and easily-customizable projects available, I’ve already picked out some of my favorites:

Tea Favor Tags – the simple shape of these (and the fact that numerous types of tea will be a big part of our reception) makes these much more versatile than just for labeling favors!

Take a Bough – a cute addition to our wedding program and, knowing my fiance’s Italian family, it will be quite a conversation point.

Floaty Butterflies – we plan on having non-assigned seating, but if we printed these butterflies on nifty patterned paper, they would make great overall decorations.

Mini Bouquets – great decoration idea that could also be used as favors.

Old-Fashioned Postcard – perfect for a set of DIY thank you postcards that feature a quirky (or elegant) shot of us from the wedding.

Paper Fans – some delightfully patterned paper would tie these into our wedding colors, as well as keep our May wedding guests cool during the event.

Luminarais – another fun idea for centerpieces.

Program Covers – a simple, chic design that leaves lots of room for creative rubber stamping.

Favor Cones – instead of favors, I would use these to put the lavender seeds we will be giving to guests to throw as we leave the venue.

[Images courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings]


4 Responses to "DIY: Download Martha’s Favorite Wedding Templates"

Lovely picks, I’m partial to those butterflies!

I used those butterflies in my first ceremony. Not as seating cards, but just as décor. I used a pearly pink paper and they were amazingly easy to do. Just cut out the butterfly shape and use scissors with an awesome design on them to cut the bottom of the wings so that you don’t have to cut swirlies out of them with normal scissors.

The butterflies are quite adorable, huh? 😀

Awesome! I have seen versions of these, they are beautiful.

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