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Custom Inspiration Boards from NYC’s Garden Party

Posted on: January 19, 2009

You might have noticed a lull in posting – let me assure you, it is not for lack of ideas! My fiance and I just finished moving from San Francisco, California back to Connecticut.  We are delighted to be back amongst the snow and will be working on our wedding budget starting in February.

In the mean time, I just had to share this email with you. Lenny Williams, owner of Garden Party (NYC’s “freshest green-minded events”), took the time to create a few custom inspiration boards for me. I had no idea he was doing this and was overwhelmed with excitement when I found out!

I’m sure like any excited bride-to-be, you are overloading your brain
with possibilities, so here are some more to keep you occupied!

My biggest advice to green brides — figure out what is most important to both of you, first. Everything else will follow. After that, it’s simply filling in the blanks! If you focus too hard on green, green, green you’ll feel totally defeated & never get any traction.

I hope you are inspired by the boards I made for you. [They are] not exactly blue & green, but I was inspired by the sense I get from you from your blog.

You mentioned pinwheels as placecards—very cute. That was my starting point.

  • S’mores are a fun activity (as is croquet, horseshoes) for your guests—have small brown bags filled with all the essentials—fair trade chocolate, organic marshmallows.
  • Lanterns are great, but tissue paper balls can be made of recycled paper & be recycled themselves.
  • Pennant banners made from flea market sheets or like these, old magazines, add whimsy & hide ugly ceilings.
  • Make jams as take-home favors or remind folks about eating in-season and jar some okra, pickles, tomatoes.
  • Use elements from nature, like the monogrammed leaves (looks cool in corsages, or napkin rings as well).
  • Gocco or hand stamp your own invites & other materials or consider a webpage for info.
  • A wedding dress made completely of cotton t-shirt scraps…LOVE IT!
  • Serve organic wines from vineyards in the Finger Lakes or check out some of the newbies in Brooklyn.
  • Make your man’s tie from vintage fabric used in the wedding—awesome heirloom.
  • Throw a quilt or fun tablecloth up as a background for fun pictures!
  • Bamboo compostable utensils.

For this one, I drew upon you being a writer.

  • Use old books to create vases, garland, streamers.
  • Wear an ensemble piece in soft blue—you can find more occasions to wear each individual piece.
  • Romantic organic/local flowers.
  • Hearty local cheeses & breads add rustic qualities.
  • Hand stamp or Gocco muslin bags (that can be used again) for your lavender toss.
  • Rent generic white linens, then tie them with beautiful ribbons for an inexpensive yet rich decoration–save the ribbons for future craft projects.
  • Print your invitations on vintage hankies—with copies of your favorite sonnet.

I’m a big fan of this inspiration board that Lenny posted on Grand Party’s blog – a perfect blend of fresh and casual.


2 Responses to "Custom Inspiration Boards from NYC’s Garden Party"

thanks for the shout out.
i am glad you like the boards.
i will definitely keep you in mind as i find stuff.

ms. lenny williams
(yes, i am a girl)

Eep – sorry about that, Lenny! Your boards are fantastic and have given me oodles of ideas. 😀

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