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Decisions: Colors Chosen!

Posted on: January 7, 2009

Yes – finally! Two weeks after posting my visually long entry about choosing colors for our wedding, I took the time to show all the inspiration boards to my fiance.

Personally, I’m not too surprised by the one that he chose, and thankfully, I love it too. 😀

So, without furthur ado, here are the final colors for our wedding:

[Board #312 from Snippet & Ink – “Spring Comes Early”]

BLUE AND YELLOW! (a.k.a. the same colors of the elementary school we attended together – though, if you want to be picky, those specific colors were gold and navy blue)

Green will still be a major color in our wedding simply because the ceremony will be held outside. Also, if we get our first choice location, it will be on a farm, so yeah … lots of green. Also, there will be lots of natural, exposed wood, which looks great with French blue and yellow. 🙂


17 Responses to "Decisions: Colors Chosen!"

I totally looked at some of the same pictures there! I personally loved the Martha Stewart Weddings palette of marigold and pewter. I think yellow is just simply divine and adorable; sunny, creative, childhoody, and fun!

I loved that palette too! I was worried about using gray and yellow though – didn’t want it to end up looking drab. Snippet & Ink has done some grey/yellow inspiration boards before as well (the first is my favorite):

Your elementary school colors were the same as mine! Now I’m curious… where did you go to elementary school? LOL

There’s a link to the school in the entry – it is in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

I think they’re wonderful colors! Just far enough beyond pastel to be truly vibrant, yet not overpowering.

Thanks 😀 Two more days and we move back to CT – very excited to start planning with my mom.

I’ll be as big a part of it as I can, being so far away! And when I come to visit (though goodness knows when that will be), we’ll devote entire chunks of time to talking about it!

I know that, traditionally, being the Maid of Honor is right up there with being the bride, but I know that distance and fiances will have a strain on that … and I’m completely OK with it. Just having you there to bounce ideas off of for the next 17 months and next to me when I get married makes all the difference.

See, what’d be fantastically amazing is if I could come visit during the winter. I won’t be working full-time this coming Christmas, so it’d be really neat if I could manage a trip. Just dunno how I’ll work it out financially.

Either way, I WILL be here for the contemplation and suggestion of ideas. You can count on it.

Having you in CT with us for the holidays would be a dream come true! You already know that you will have a place to stay (in our spare bedroom), so that will save you a load of dough. Of course, lots of food will be covered too because you know my mom likes to go all out for the holidays (especially when I’m around, haha).

The blue and yellow palette will be beautiful for an outdoor wedding!

Also, just wanted to let you know I gave this blog a mention in a post I just made about green weddings:

Thank you, Mallory. 🙂 It will be quite fun tracking down unique items in those colors.

A big thank you for taking the time to mention my blog too :O How exciting!

Ohhh…these colors can even go nicely with an Asian twist (for those that may be interested) using a blue and white Asian vases as centerpieces with some yellow flowers.

Hmm, I hadn’t even though about that since, you know, blue and yellow together don’t naturally have a very Asian touch … but you have me quite inspired now. 🙂

love the colors-beautiful! this new site is very cool:)

Thanks, Kary, for taking the time to stop by AND for commenting. 🙂 There’s lots more content coming up!

[…] Don’t get me wrong – I love the blue and yellow color combination that my fiance and I have picked out for our wedding. While researching yellow options, I quickly […]

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