Planning an Eco-Indie Wedding

Budgeting: Freegan Wedding Ideas from Portovert

Posted on: January 1, 2009

Budgeting has been one of the biggest things on my mind lately. With the locations that we hope to hold the wedding at, wardrobe, the reception … this is all quickly adding up to cost over $10,000. Yes, it is a very special day that we will remember for the rest of our lives … but that is still really f*cking expensive!

I have oodles of ideas on how to cut down on costs, but I still want to be able to have a memorable shindig that doesn’t look completely bare bones and, well, unfriendly.

If I wanted to have a fantastically cheap wedding (we’re talking under $3,000 for everything), I could … but I can guarantee I wouldn’t enjoy it. It is not about spending money, I know, but it is about having a day that you feel like is a true celebration of your love. For some of us, that means having great food, a beautiful setting, fresh flowers, sustainable wedding rings, and more.

Despite all that, I’m still inspired by an article I found recently on Portovert – a fantastic “green wedding” website. Called “How to Have a Freegan Wedding“, it is all about being eco-friendly and cheap at the same time. Some of their suggestions for things like invitations, wedding dresses, and flowers make perfect sense, though they do require a bit more DIY on my part (though that isn’t necessarily terrible, of course).

I have to say that some of their suggestions are a bit tough to swallow though. Take locations, where they suggest a backyard or public lands. A great idea, to be sure, but it doesn’t factor in the cost of having to rent tables, chairs, linens, and all the other stuff that is nearly essential for a wedding – that all has to come from somewhere and I know most people don’t have 80 extra chairs in their garage.

There are countless good ideas out there when it comes to lower wedding costs – everything, and I mean everything, can be cheaper if you want it to be. Dropping costs usually means doing more and more yourself than hiring someone to do it for you, so you have to consider how much your own time is worth and be honest about you, your family, and your friends skills when it comes to arranging flowers, cooking, sewing, penmanship … etc.

I do know that one reason I still think so much about the budget is because my fiance and I haven’t talked to either of our parents about how much they will be willing to help with costs. A big factor I know, and once we move back to Connecticut on January 14th, it will be one of the main topics on the agenda (after we get out apartment unpacked). My older sister went to the courthouse and got married – no family, no party, nothing. This will (likely) be the only wedding my mom will get to plan for her kids, so on that note I have a feeling she will definitely want to help out … but I don’t make any assumptions when it comes to money these days.

[Image courtey of Portovert]


4 Responses to "Budgeting: Freegan Wedding Ideas from Portovert"

I had an idea of doing a flash-mob style wedding during Mardi Gras in the French Quarter. Get friends to do as many things like photography & performing the ceremony as possible. Build a small rolling cart to wheel cupcakes and booze along and set everything up in the middle of the street at a set time & location and then just having a roaming reception. It would be a SUPER non-traditional wedding, and I don’t even have any particular desire to get married, but ever since I thought of the idea a month or two ago, I’ve been thinking that if we do decide to get married it’s something to look into.

What a cool idea! A wedding can really be anything you want it to be – that’s the great variety of it 😀

I’m thinking maybe I need to incorporate something like this into my packaging! How fun!

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