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Decisions: Contemplating Colors + Themes

Posted on: December 23, 2008

The past few days, I’ve spent hours browsing through all the great wedding websites I have listed in the Blogroll and Links section on the right sidebar. Of all the sites, Snippet & Ink has inspired me the most.

As previously mentioned, my fiance and I have decided on a green and blue color scheme for our wedding. While I’m not doubting that decision, I still feel like it is … incomplete. Also still “up in the air” is the overall theme of the wedding, which I have had a few thoughts about.

Possible Themes

  • Elementary school (we first met in 5th grade in Indiana)
  • Blooming countryside (we both love the beauty of rural areas and plan on having a small farm)
  • Home renovation/decorating (we plan to buy our first house a few months after our wedding)

Those are just the concepts that are on my mind right now – I’m sure there will be more in the future. To help spur my creativity, I gathered a few keywords and important points to refer back to.

Keywords: fresh, casual, spunky, retro-modern (mix of 1920s-1950 & current day; we both are a strange combination of “traditional” values/manners and present-day liberalism)

Avoid: red, pink (per my fiance’s request)

Maybe: yellow, peach (to add more zing and slight femininity to the green and blue scheme)

If you’ve never visited the great blog of Snippet & Ink, 0ne of their main features is author Kathryn’s kick ass inspiration boards. With EXTREME AMOUNT of thanks to her, below are my 7 favorite boards she created, as well as 1 that I definitely want to avoid. I’m a very visual person, so all these pictures really help me get a mental vision of what the wedding could be like.

Board #143 – LOVE!

Board #74 – LOVE!

(Blue and yellow also happen to be the colors of the elementary school we went to together in Indiana)

Board #213 – LOVE!

Board #244 – LOVE!

Board #312 – LOVE!

(another take on the blue and yellow color combo)

Board #298 – LOVE!

(these are the same colors used in the Martha Stewart concept that inspired out green and blue scheme; maybe just blue and green isn’t that bad …?)

Board #146 – NO! AVOID!

(this is NOT the blue and green-type look we are going for!)

Note: I haven’t shown any of these pictures/ideas to my fiance yet. Once I do (sometime this week), I’ll let you know what complete color scheme we fancy the most. 🙂 THANK YOU AGAIN, SNIPPET & INK!


7 Responses to "Decisions: Contemplating Colors + Themes"

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I vote board #74. Of course, I realize that this isn’t a democracy, but I figured I’d pipe up anyway. 😉

Thanks for your vote, fellow citizen. 😉 You opinion does matter and I’m eager to see what Logan likes the most. 😀

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so fun! planning for color was one of my favorite parts of the wedding. you’ll find that no matter what, an extra color or two will sneak in there so don’t limit yourselves to just 2. i love your ideas so far and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

Considering we plan on having the wedding in nature (whether it be a garden or near the shoreline), there is no doubt that blue and green won’t be the only colors around, haha.

You do make a very good point. I’m not one of those anal brides (Bridezilla?) who has to have everything PERFECT. 🙂

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