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Yup, you read that right – I’m writing about my admiration for Snippet & Ink again. Along with their massive collection of inspiration boards, Kathryn of Snippet & Ink also has an extremely useful section of affordable ideas of weddings.

Here’s a collection of my favorite concepts and tips that might work well for the type of wedding we are planning:

  • Branches are a dramatic element that won’t really increase costs. If you don’t want natural branches, just spray paint them the color of your choice.
  • Serving hors d’oeuvres in place of a sit down dinner will definitely save you money. Just make sure to state on your invite that it’s a cocktail reception, and to hold it late enough in the evening that guests have time to get dinner on their own. You can either set up a buffet, several buffet stations, or have servers pass food. (We plan on having a lunch-time wedding, so we’ll definitely have to serve something to eat, but it doesn’t have to be a lot.)
  • Save with one miniature cupcake for each guest, instead of an elaborate tiered cake. (We already plan on having a cupcake tower – yay!)
  • When you have a cocktail party instead of a sit-down dinner, you can fit more people into the same space, which should really increase your venue options. The more options you have, the more likely you are to find a good deal. (The only problem – I don’t drink, but I know everyone else would.)
  • Marijke of Enfin, La Voila! makes the most whimsical invitations, perfect for a garden wedding, and some for as little as $3 apiece.
  • At a brunch wedding, there’s no need to have an open bar. All you need are a twist on the classic mimosa (grapefruit, blood orange, tangerine, or passion fruit are some ideas) and Bloody Mary’s. You’ll save not only by offering fewer alcoholic choices, but also because people tend to drink less earlier in the day. (The ceremony is at 11:30 am, so this is uber helpful!)
  • Ballet flats are just more comfortable! There’s really no need to spend a fortune on shoes for your wedding day, and you save even more if you buy a pair that you can wear again and again. (I actually already planned on this, particularly because my boyfriend is already a few inches shorter than me.)
  • Paper cones are an easy do-it-yourself project, and having guests toss rose or bougainvillea petals is not only pretty, it’s cost-conscious (about $1 per cup of petals). (I like this idea a lot – I know where to get great lavender that can be thrown.)
  • In-season fruit is significantly cheaper than many flowers, and makes sense at a brunch reception. (Since it will be May during the wedding, we’ll have lots of great in-season options for both decorating and eating.)
  • Paper lanterns are one cheap way to decorate, and they’re even better with the added touch of butterflies. Tissue paper poms are another affordable decoration that add lots of color to your venue. (The ceremony is going to be outside and the ceremony might be as well – this is a fun idea.)
  • This idea is sweet, simple, and inexpensive. Clean out two large mayonnaise jars (the economy size) and label one “Take A Wish” and the other “Give A Wish.” Fill the first with folded notes from the couple (or quotes, song lyrics, etc.), and have paper and pens for guests to write notes and place them in the second jar.
  • Whether you have 20 guests or 200 at your ceremony, you can limit your number of attendants. This means fewer bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, not to mention several friends who will love you for not making them wear matching outfits. (My plan is to have a small wedding [less than 100 people], so this matches that plan perfectly.)
  • Have you always dreamed of wearing a designer gown for your wedding? Then go with a white evening gown (which are usually $1200-900) instead of a bridal gown.
  • Invite just your immediate family to your ceremony, and then have the rest of your guests celebrate with you at the reception. City Hall is one choice, but even at a church, in a garden, or on a beach, having a very small ceremony saves you money on flowers, chair rentals, etc. You and your new spouse will have plenty of time to enjoy being newly married before the party starts, as well as to take portraits without stressing about keeping your guests waiting. (This is exactly what I want to do – keyword: I. My boyfriend has a big family and he is pretty intent on having as many as possible there. I’m going to see how he takes to this idea.)
  • Splurge on your photographer. A good one will capture the uniqueness and beauty in your wedding, no matter how much you spent on flowers or a dress. (Love it!)
  • A cake and punch reception is obviously going to be cheaper than serving a full meal. Not only are you saving on the cost of food and alcohol, but you’re saving by having a reception earlier in the day, and most likely for a shorter time (which means paying vendors for fewer hours).
  • Giving yourself time for do-it-yourself projects will keep costs down. These pinwheels act as seating cards and favors, and your ring pillow is an easy sewing project (or at least easy enough to convince your sewing machine-savvy friend to take it on).
  • For a casual reception, there’s nothing wrong with using your iPod to DJ for you. If you don’t feel confident in your own abilities to create an appropriate playlist, check out Audiostiles – they’ll create a 4-hour playlist for $200, and you’ll have it as a fun keepsake of your wedding day. Instead of renting a fancy car for your getaway, see if you can borrow something fun from a friend – generally anything vintage will make for fun photos, no matter how funky.
  • By hiring an alternative caterer, such as a burger or taco truck, you can feed your guests for as little as $10 per person (check out’s list of ideas). A clever idea for hors d’oeuvres is to fill a clean planter with crudites and dip so that it looks like a miniature vegetable garden, and it will double as a centerpiece. Simple cupcakes are generally cheaper than a tiered wedding cake, and easier to make yourself (you can freeze unfrosted cupcakes for up to three months – for tips go here). If you go with a candy buffet, save by choosing candy you can buy in bulk. You could even use a jar of candy as a centerpiece at each table. (We’d definitely have to have the wedding close to NYC for the “alternative caterer” idea. The candy buffet probably won’t work for us because my fiance really wants to cut a cake of some sort.)
  • Splurge on the venue. Not only will your guests notice a beautiful venue more than they’ll notice most other details, but a special location requires far less embellishment than a more common one. In general, think about your priorities, figure out what they are, and splurge there. (I’ve been having a hard time deciding on what 1 or few things to splurge on … but the location seems like a very logical one.
  • Instead of elaborate centerpieces, make your own by filling milk glass containers, which you can find for as little as 50-cents apiece on eBay, in antique stores or at flea markets, with a variety of live herbs. Potted herbs can be found at your local nursery, or you can even think ahead and grow them yourself. Use them in your kitchen after the wedding (or give them as gifts to attendants). Another idea is to fill regular household items, such as a cupcake tin, with moss or baby tears.
  • Lunch receptions are a good way to save money: they tend to be shorter and guests tend to eat and drink less than at dinner receptions. Taco trucks and burger carts aren’t the only alternative catering options out there. A panini grill or crepe maker would be fun, and slightly more refined, options. Let guests pick up side dishes at a buffet. To have your cake and eat it too, have one small elaborately decorated cake to display, and sheet cakes in the same flavor to serve to your guests. Buy sparkling lemonade or natural sodas in bulk and arrange them at the bar with skinny straws. (Love love love this idea – very helpful!)
  • If you hold your wedding in a beautiful garden, there’s not much you need to do in terms of decorating, but if you want to, use garden appropriate items such as vintage watering cans and planters. A sweet birdhouse is a unique place for guests to drop small notes of good wishes. Don’t underestimate the simple folding garden chair, which will cost significantly less to rent than Chivari or bentwood chairs, and which will really just blend in to the venue. Once the ceremony is over, let the chairs do double duty by moving them to the tables for lunch. (I want to have the wedding near water or in a garden, so this idea is also helpful.)
  • Garden-themed rubber stamps are a cost effective way to embellish seating cards and other stationery, and even if you don’t have calligraphy skills, writing out names by hand in simple all-capital letters is an attractive alternative – and if your handwriting is illegible, employ someone who is willing to help out to take on this task. Another calligraphy alternative is to print addresses in fun fonts on wrap-around labels for your invitations, which you can find here and here for about 30-cents apiece. (Love the stamp and label idea!)
  • Save on a DJ or band, by having fun activities for your guests instead of dancing. Ask them to bring kites and set up a game of horseshoes or badminton. If you have a knack for sewing, you can make your own picnic blankets.
  • Set the tone for a playful, casual wedding with an invitation meant to look like a hand-written note. Either use your own handwriting, or employ someone with handwriting you like to do it for you, then have it printed and mail it out in a colorful envelope. Simple ceremony programs are trimmed with pinking scissors and tied with ric-rac to give them a fun touch. (It is going to be tough to mix modern casual with vintage fancy tradition, but I think this is a great way to bridge the two at once.)
  • Cover the tables with white butcher paper, and place a bundle of crayons at each seat for guests to doodle. The crayons can even double as a favor. Another fun idea is to set up a photobooth area for guests with a large empty frame in it. (Love both of these ideas! I had really wanted to get a vintage photobooth for the reception, but it is a few thousand dollars; this is a great alternative.)
  • It is always cheaper to print in one color than two (or four), but borrow a tip from the talented ladies at Bird & Banner, and stitch a line of colorful thread across the top of your invites for a little something extra. For your seating cards, sit down in front of a movie and stamp away, using rubber stamps to spell out your guests’ first names. If you feel really ambitious, stamp one letter in color (maybe just the letter “R” or something like that). (Both ideas are fun and playful, just like the elementary school we first met at.)
  • For a detail that’s both charming and cheap, sew little packets of birdseed or confetti for guests to toss as you walk back down the aisle as a married couple. (A creative alternative to the previously-mentioned paper cones.)
  • An afternoon tea is tucked neatly in between lunch and dinner, so you won’t need as much food as you might for another type of reception. Dainty finger sandwiches and scones with jam and cream will look pretty on a tiered tea tray (which can do double-duty as a centerpiece), or you can go with a buffet. Petits fours are an appropriate, and cheaper, alternative to a formal wedding cake. And of course, you’ll want to serve several types of tea. (I love love love this idea, especially since we already plan on having our close friends from SF’s Vital Tea Leaf serving tea at the wedding.)

Holy hell – this ended up being a massively long post! THANK YOU YET AGAIN, SNIPPET & INK! You may have just saved my fiance and I thousands of dollars!


I love CRAFT Magazine – and not just because I’ve written for them a few times. Their website/blog is particularly useful and I’m consistently finding good projects … like this one they linked to just a few days ago:

These would make nifty place tags (is that what they are called?) for the tables during the reception, especially if we went with the “home renovation/decorating” theme I mentioned in my previous post. You could even have tables named after specific paint chip colors and/or hole punch shapes … there are lots of possibilities!

[Image courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar]

The past few days, I’ve spent hours browsing through all the great wedding websites I have listed in the Blogroll and Links section on the right sidebar. Of all the sites, Snippet & Ink has inspired me the most.

As previously mentioned, my fiance and I have decided on a green and blue color scheme for our wedding. While I’m not doubting that decision, I still feel like it is … incomplete. Also still “up in the air” is the overall theme of the wedding, which I have had a few thoughts about.

Possible Themes

  • Elementary school (we first met in 5th grade in Indiana)
  • Blooming countryside (we both love the beauty of rural areas and plan on having a small farm)
  • Home renovation/decorating (we plan to buy our first house a few months after our wedding)

Those are just the concepts that are on my mind right now – I’m sure there will be more in the future. To help spur my creativity, I gathered a few keywords and important points to refer back to.

Keywords: fresh, casual, spunky, retro-modern (mix of 1920s-1950 & current day; we both are a strange combination of “traditional” values/manners and present-day liberalism)

Avoid: red, pink (per my fiance’s request)

Maybe: yellow, peach (to add more zing and slight femininity to the green and blue scheme)

If you’ve never visited the great blog of Snippet & Ink, 0ne of their main features is author Kathryn’s kick ass inspiration boards. With EXTREME AMOUNT of thanks to her, below are my 7 favorite boards she created, as well as 1 that I definitely want to avoid. I’m a very visual person, so all these pictures really help me get a mental vision of what the wedding could be like.

Board #143 – LOVE!

Board #74 – LOVE!

(Blue and yellow also happen to be the colors of the elementary school we went to together in Indiana)

Board #213 – LOVE!

Board #244 – LOVE!

Board #312 – LOVE!

(another take on the blue and yellow color combo)

Board #298 – LOVE!

(these are the same colors used in the Martha Stewart concept that inspired out green and blue scheme; maybe just blue and green isn’t that bad …?)

Board #146 – NO! AVOID!

(this is NOT the blue and green-type look we are going for!)

Note: I haven’t shown any of these pictures/ideas to my fiance yet. Once I do (sometime this week), I’ll let you know what complete color scheme we fancy the most. šŸ™‚ THANK YOU AGAIN, SNIPPET & INK!

Though it is far too early for me to need to think about accessories for my wedding day, one particular piece is going to be vital: a locket. Why you ask? Because my father is not going to be able to join us for my special day. Very unexpectedly, my dad passed away on March 22nd, 2006 at the age of 48 – just a few months before my now-fiance and I moved to San Francisco.

The idea of not being able to have him walk me down the aisle is devastating; it tears my heart into thousands of pieces. For a time, that even stopped me from wanting to get married, as well as have kids. But I know that is not what he would want me to do – he wants me to be happy; he always has. I was his little blond angel.

Now that I have the delight of receiving love, honor, and above all, respect from a wonderful man, my father would want me to take the next step and become that man’s wife. So that is what I am doing. To make the day even more meaningful, one of the only pieces of jewelry I plan on wearing is a locket with my dad’s picture in it.

The only problem? I don’t own a locket. Oops! So, we’ll just have to remedy that. Here are some gorgeous options that I found on Etsy.

[Birds of a Feather from BellezzaJewelry]

[Bouquet-Brass Floral Locket Necklace from heartworksbylori]

[Snow White from MiaBeads]

[Prelude to the sea. from SeaUnicorn]

[Daydream from MiaBeads]

[Tiny Heart Locket from BlueSunEmporium]

[pepperina. salt. from trystbykerry]

Of all these options, the “Prelude to the sea” and “Tiny Heart Locket” are my favorite. I usually choose silver as a default, but these two are dainty and adorable. I won’t end up going with anything too big because it just won’t look right on me (I’m tall and thin).

I’ve delved into the world of wedding planning quite smoothly this week, though it still feels a bit alien. So far, my fiance (Logan) and I have made a few decisions about our wedding.

I’m taken aback by how quickly things have come together so far, though I know there is still a lot more to decide on. Here are the few things that we have settled on so far:

Goals: Seasonal, organic, local, indie/crafty
Date/Time: Saturday, May 15th, 2010; starting at 11:30 am
Attire: Wedding casual
Colors: Blue & Green
Vows: Non-denominational
Food: Italian buffet and cupcake tower with top-layer traditional cake for cutting ceremony

Speaking of colors, I was introduced to a very cool flickr tool this morning, thanks to a post over at BridalBuds. All you do is pick one (or more) colors, and the tool find popular pictures from with your selections. Delighted with the visuals it found for our color scheme, I wanted to share them with you:

My boyfriend and I are often described as opposites. We do share the same ideas and values in a lot of important ways, but many of our personality traits are like Yin and Yang. Using blue and green as the backdrop for our wedding (as well as holding the ceremony outside), is a perfect example of nature‘s true Yin and Yang – the sky and the ground; freedom and stability; dreams and destiny.

At least … that’s how I see it. šŸ˜‰

When you start a new blog, the first thing’s first – say hello!

You’ve probably found this blog via my website, If so, then you know a fair amount about me already. If not, here’s a snippet of my bio (and welcome!):

I think of myself as a creatively versatile eco-powerhouse. Freelance writer, life-long model, on-camera personality, public speaker, official U.S. spokesperson for Twice Shy Clothing – Iā€™m a classic Renaissance woman and mistress-of-all-trades.

Perpetually looking for fresh ways to share my unquenchable green knowledge, I blog about everything eco on my own website and select others. My diverse articles have been published in variety of reputable magazines, such as: Yoga Journal, CRAFT, Venus, ReadyMade, Yogi Times and Office Solutions.

In my spare time, you can find me knitting, reading, singing, taking pictures, practicing yoga, taking long walks, and working on my first non-fiction book. Other random facts about me: Iā€™m a Buddhist, latex fan, have four tattoos, and an attempting locavore.

On Sunday, December 14th, 2008, my boyfriend of 4 and a half years proposed to me in San Francisco‘s Union Square – in the middle of their Holdiay Ice Rink. It was a truly magical night !

Soon, I’ll have an edited video to show you of the event. Until then, feel free to check out the pictures from that night. That day also happened to be the one-month mark before we move back to Connecticut on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009.

When is the big day? Saturday, May 15th, 2010. We wanted to make sure that we gave ourselves enough time to explore all of our options, as well as save some extra money.

Why start a new blog? I wanted to try and save the sanity of my current readers and wedding guests by having a single outlet for all the ideas, planning, and choices made for the wedding. I will still be updating regularly – consider this blog an extension of šŸ™‚

What can readers expect? Lots! I’ll be posting a plethora of beautiful images and ideas, as well as chronicling the trials and tribulations of planning an affordable, sustainable, small business-supportive wedding (what a mouthful). Last but not least, I’ll be sharing the final decisions that we make along the way – you will get to see a full wedding come together right in front of your eyes!

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